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What is the RRORRT?

• It’s a robotic research-grade telescope.

• It runs each clear night taking images unattended and automatically.

• It can enhance your science classes and engage your students.

• It’s a joint project of ATU and CAAS.

• It’s free for you to use.

What kind of science can you do with the RRORRT?

• Photometry: Image variable stars and create light curves with easy to use, freely available software.

• Astrometry: Measure the distances between double stars, or track an asteroid.

• Astrophotography: Experiment creating pictures of star clusters, galaxies and nebulae.

Observing Plans make imaging easy.

The RRORRT uses ACP, a leader in observatory automation. Log into the web interface, specify your object, exposure times, filters, and how many images you need. The

RRORRT will choose the right night and conditions, and gather your images.

The RRORRT uses Dropbox to make downloading your images fast and easy.

The RRORRT website will offer tutorials, tips and observing plan ideas.

Your Invitation To Join The RRORRT.

The RRORRT program is offered free of charge to science teachers in Arkansas public schools. To join

the RRORRT or if you have questions, contact Dr. Jeff Robertson ( or Stephen

Caldwell (

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