I am the co-director of a competition that targets students in grades 6 – 12.  The purpose of the competition is to expose students to engineering concepts.
Although we have conducted this competition in the past, using the simulation game, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, there are several changes this year including:
1.  To register, students go to the competition website and take a simple 12 question survey.  Link to the website:
You can also send the direct link to the survey to your students:
2.  Every team that submits the survey is automatically registered.  The next step is to play the game, and focus on the specific engineering concepts described in the website’s step by step guidelines.  Students will then put together a 10 – 15 slide presentation using either powerpoint or google slides.    This needs to be narrated in a 5 – 7 minute presentation.  (There are tutorials on the website that show how to do this).
3.  Every team that successfully submits the presentation is automatically invited to the University of Arkansas for the final stage of the competition, described on the website.
4.First, second, and third place teams win prize money and trophies.  Everyone gets t-shirts, lunch, and tours of the U of A engineering facilities.
There are lesson plans geared to NGSS, and Common Core math & literacy.
Please encourage your students to participate!  We would love to have participation state-wide and more!
Melissa Miller