We will go ahead and lock in February 20th from 10:00 a.m. until noon for Boe Bot 1.0 training. The focus of this session will be to lead coaches and/or teams from taking the Boe Bot out of the box, assembling the bot, and then basic movement programming. You can park in front of El Dorado High School, enter through the front doors, and then bear to the right down the big hallway. The room will be well marked (1st big room on the right down the math hallway).
I will have a Sumo mat available but I doubt brand new users will be far enough along to utilize the mat on that Saturday. However, if you have teams that would like to come beta test some programs and possibly scrimmage each other using Boe Bots or Lego Mindstorms, I’ll designate another area for that.
I’d also like to pass long great news…Murphy USA has agreed to sponsor the trophies for the April 2nd competition…Thank You Murphy USA! Also, Dr. Singh with the SouthArk Mechatronics program will have a booth set up at the arena on the day of competition so your teams can get a chance to look at how they leverage technology in today’s workforce training.
Lastly, please send an email once you get a better idea of how many folks that will attend. We want to make sure our space is more than adequate for the session. Also, be sure to continue to send questions about this training or RARC ARK.

Tom Simmons
District Mathematics Chair
El Dorado Public Schools


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