The 2014-2015 school year was the first time Beebe Junior High offered Intro to Engineering and Robotics at the 8th grade level.  As of August 1st 2014 the program had 0 robots.  After writing many grants and working with the administration we started acquiring some Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robots.  I made a deal with my principal that if I could get 4 free robots he would purchase 2 additional robots from his budget.  Through the help of, Beebe Sonic, Limeades for Learning, and Beebe Schools Administration the Beebe Junior High Engineering program now has 11 Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robots.  In an effort to get more funding, the class entered the Vernier Engineering Challenge.

Noah Jolley, Taylor Boyce, and Caleb Barrentine were among the 35 students at Beebe Junior High who were tasked with taking an everyday problem and engineering a solution for this problem using Vernier probes and Lego EV3 robotics.  The boys decided the problem they would address would be the frequent burning of their tongues while eating Hot Pockets after school.  The students designed a robot that uses a conveyer system to roll a Hot Pocket under a temperature probe the temperature probe then enters the hot pocket and gets an immediate temperature.  The boys decided that less than 150* Fahrenheit was the desired temperature for eating.  The students built the robot and wrote the program for the robot.  Their teacher Mr. Rector entered the student’s video to Vernier for the Engineering Challenge.  The students won the challenge and earned their school free probes and Vernier software.


20150416_063840 20150416_063839 20150415_121540 2015 vernier winners