The House Education Committee met yesterday, but no bills were deliberated during the meeting.

The Senate Education Committee meets this morning at 10:00.  Click (here) to find this agenda and agendas for other legislative committees meeting today.

Bills up for consideration today in Senate Ed include:

SB 12 that would exempt public school emergency and security records from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

SB 21 that amends teacher licensure and reciprocal licensure requirements. Makes certain portions of the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure the sole initial testing requirement for an elementary-level, general education teacher license.

SB 23 that changes the student population density ratio that is required for special needs funding from 1.3 students per square mile to 1.5 students per square mile.

SB 26 that allows for expanded scholarships to teaching students who sign agreements to enter into teaching service in high-needs subject areas once their teaching education is completed.

SB 27 that creates a loan program for teachers-in-training intending to be licensed in high-needs areas; establishes a schedule of forgiveness for such loans at a rate of 20% per year the teacher is employed in a high-needs area.

For the full text of these bills and others pertaining to education go to the AAEA Bill Tracker.