Journey to Mars Exhibit Panels – Coming Soon!

NASA’s Journey to Mars communication team is creating a series of graphic wall panels that illustrate NASA’s path to Mars.  The graphics files will be available soon and your intuition is welcome to print and install the exhibit as you see fit. Get a sneak peek of the design here!

Exploration Mission – 1 Orbit Animation

Illustrates the launch and orbital path of the next mission in 2018.

Download Animation

Exploration Mission – 1 Launch Animation

Download Animation


Deep Space Transportation System Progress Videos

Progress video for April-June 2015

YouTube Video
HD Video Files

Check out past videos on the NASA Museum Alliance Website


New EFT-1 Split Screen Video

In this newly edited video of Orion’s EFT-1 mission, viewers see animations coupled with actual in-flight imagery, as well as hear commentary and multiple pyrotechnic events during the mission.

YouTube Video

HD Video Files


Ready Made Presentations

SLS, Orion and Journey to Mars PowerPoint Presentations

Download Presentations from Dropbox 


New Space Launch System Print Resources

SLS Brochure

SLS RS-25 Press Kit


New ISS Benefiting Humanity Video

Released today!  Check out the From NASA to Napa Video


Download HD Files