As you may know, last summer PBS broadcast a series called The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements. The three-hour NSF-funded series, which tells the amazing human story behind the Periodic Table, was praised by the press and warmly received by chemistry teachers. “This was one of the most inspirational and educational programs I have ever seen on television,” one teacher wrote. “I applaud PBS for their leadership in developing such wonderful educational shows. I hope there is an effort to ensure that all chemistry students will have this series as part of their curriculum.”

After the premiere of The Mystery of Matter, we continued working on the project, using extra grant money we had raised to create a rich collection of educational materials for teachers. They include a Teacher’s Guide aligned with the latest science teaching standards, 60 short clips lifted from the series, and 32 short videos, mostly on topics of interest to chemistry teachers. These resources – all free – live at our website at (When you get to the site, click on For Teachers in the top menu bar.)