The Arkansas Science Teachers Association (ASTA) began in the late 1940’s as one of the curriculum sessions of the Arkansas Education Association (AEA). The first meetings were held in the courtroom of the Pulaski County Courthouse during the AEA meeting.   Several members began to meet at Hanks Dog House Restaurant in Little Rock to discuss the formation of ASTA as a K-12 science teachers’ organization during the 1950’s. ASTA began in 1960. The organization grew slowly during this time. Its members mainly came from the secondary science grades.

During the 70’s and 80’s the organization increased its secondary membership and held its annual meetings in local schools and at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. During the 90’s the membership began to expand into the earlier grades. Additional meetings were held during the summer and spring along with a larger annual meeting.

The Regional National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Convention in Little Rock, during the late 80’s, quadrupled the membership in all grade levels. The organization approached becoming the largest curriculum organization in the state.  During the 90’s, the organization reorganized itself, revised its constitution, and set goals for quality teaching sessions for its members and increase membership at all levels. ASTA moved its annual meeting to a convention center and invited other curriculum areas to join. “The Conference on Teaching” is now the largest curriculum meeting in our state.

During the late 90’s, ASTA developed a stronger relationship with NSTA in order to provide a stronger voice for science education. ASTA jointly develop and published the “Laboratory Safety Guide for Arkansas K-12 Schools” with the Arkansas Department of Education, and developed high school outline guides for all 9-12 science classes.

In the 2000s ASTA developed a position statement on nature of science (that has national recognition), K-12 science equipment lists, K-12 science labs, science practice exams, and a science safety CD for all schools.

The Arkansas Science Teachers Association (ASTA) is an affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Most of our position papers are based on those positions of NSTA and other national science organizations. These position papers taken as a whole paint a picture of the qualities and standards for good science education. These positions were developed by the ASTA Board, reviewed by committees and by the membership of ASTA on the Arkansas Science Teachers Association K-12 list server during the of 2008.

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President* Patrick Foley
President-Elect* Jacob Hayward
Past President* Steve Long
Recording Secretary*

Greta Arrington

Treasurer (Finance Committee Chair) Angela Criger
Executive Secretary* Alayna Duren
Elementary Director* Angela Stanford
Mid/Jr High Director* Candice Lishman
High School Director* Will Squires
College Director*

Peggy Ward

Northwest Director*

Cayce Neal

Northeast Director* Tonya Parham
Central Director *

Katherine Parson

Southwest Director* Emily Barker
Southeast Director* Stephanie Johnson-Carlton
Awards Chair Leslie Brodie
ADE Representative Cathy Mackey
ADE Representative Michele Snyder
NSTA District VII Director Sheila Smith
Legislative Chair
Admin. Representative
Membership/Tech Chair/Newsletter Editor Teresa Fuller
Public Relations Chair
Safety Chair Jacqueline Bowman
Historian Amy Baeder