2016 Information Brochure and Application Information for the Arkansas Strive Program

• Do you teach science, math, or computers in a middle, junior or senior high school?

• Are you looking for an exciting and professionally rewarding summer?

• Would you like some hands-on, real-world research experience?

• Why not join the Arkansas STRIVE program?


The Arkansas STRIVE program will place you and other science, math, and computer teachers into summer research positions in industries, businesses, government agencies, universities, research facilities, and nonprofit organizations. You will work beside professional scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technology experts and engage in valuable research and development activities that broaden and deepen your scientific and technological knowledge. You also will participate in inquiry and problem-solving workshops in which you learn to use the research experiences in your classroom.

The Arkansas STRIVE program was founded in 1990. Since its inception, 725 teachers have enjoyed summer research positions. We expect to place up to 30 teachers in research positions in 2016.


• To enhance the professional growth of Arkansas math, computer, and science teachers.

• To provide teachers with hands-on, real-world research experiences that expand their scientific and technological knowledge.

• To apply the newly acquired knowledge in the classroom and enrich the education of students.

• To develop teachers’ abilities to use inquiry-based and problem-based teaching.

• To increase the technological knowledge of students and their interests in careers in science, math, and technology.


• From June 6 – July 29, 2016:

— seven weeks of summer research.

— one week of curriculum development workshops.

• A summer stipend of $4500.

• Travel monies for participants who must commute long distances.

• 60 hours of professional development (in-service) credit, including 18 technology hours.

• 6 hrs. of graduate credit (optional).

• Guidance in developing inquiry-based and problem-based lessons.


You will be assigned to a research facility in Arkansas for a seven-week period. You will work closely with a professional staff person at the facility and gain new knowledge in science and technology through hands-on research experience. In the summer, you also will spend a week attending workshops on using inquiry and problem-solving teaching approaches, and on computer data analysis. You will develop lesson plans based on your summer experiences that you can incorporate into your classes. In the fall, you will work with a five-member STRIVE team consisting of teachers from your school and recommend curriculum changes or improvements.

You will also:

• Maintain a daily log on your research.

• Make slides or videos and give an oral presentation on your project.

• Attend two workshops on inquiry and problem solving, and on computer data analysis.

• Develop classroom and curriculum materials that transfer your newly acquired knowledge to students and colleagues.

• Meet with your STRIVE advisory team during the summer and fall to discuss ways of implementing your new experiences into the classroom.

• Attend a recognition banquet to honor your achievements, your mentors’ guidance, and your sponsor’s contributions.


A committee will evaluate your skills, your academic work, and whether your achievements and professional development are commensurate with your years of teaching experience. We will match your educational background and research interests with the interests and needs of the research facility. You will also be assigned to a facility as close as possible to your home.


• Must be employed now by an Arkansas school district and for 2016-2017.

• Must be a full-time teacher in a middle, junior high, or senior high school.

• Must be certified in and primarily teach science, math, or technology.

• Must not have participated recently in Arkansas STRIVE (2011-2015).


Dr. Jim Winter or Dr. Janet Lanza

Arkansas STRIVE Program

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2801 S. University Ave.

215 Fribourgh Hall

Little Rock, AR 72204-1099

Telephone: 501/569-8069

FAX: 501/569-3207

jdwinter@ualr.edu or jxlanza@ualr.edu


The priority application deadline for the 2016 Arkansas STRIVE Program is Tuesday, February 23, 2016.