2015-2016 Soybean Science Challenge
Online Teacher In-Service Course Open for Enrollment
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The Arkansas Soybean Science Challenge is your ideal in-service resource. Gain in- service credit at home, on your schedule, at NO cost!

• Targeted to 9th-12th grade science teachers
• Seven (7) hours of ADE approved online in–service credit
• Six (6) modules/lessons, self-paced asynchronous, interactive course
• Designed to support Arkansas student education core proficiency standards:
o Biology: Grades 9-12 – Classification & Diversity of Life; Content Standard
7: Students shall demonstrate an understanding that organisms are diverse; CDL 7.B.17: Describe the structure & function of the major parts of a plant. CDL.7.B.19: Evaluate the medical & economic importance of plants.
o Ecology & Behavioral Relationships; Content Standard 9: Students shall demonstrate an understanding of the ecological impact of global issues; EBR.9.B.3: Assess current world issues applying scientific themes
• Environmental Science: Grades 9-12 – Nature of Science; Content Standard 6: Students shall describe various environmental science careers and the training required for the selected careers. NS.6.ES.1: Research & evaluate science careers using the following criteria: educational requirements, salary, availability of jobs, and working conditions.

Contact information: Dr. Lynda Wilson at lwilson@uaex.edu; (501) 671-2086 or Dr. Karen Ballard at kballard@uaex.edu; (501) 671-2218